Frequently Asked Questions

Is company responsible in case of stolen vehicle? Top
LePARK is charging against the use of public land and services. The Company is not responsible in case of any loss such as thunder storm, bomb blast, fire, theft or any emergency.
Does the parking fee is on hourly basis? Top
Currently, LePARK is not charging on hourly basis.
What are the operational timings of parking area? Top
Operational timings of parking area vary from site to site and the company provides the services in operational timings only.
What is the penalty if parking ticket is misplaced by the user? Top
There is no penalty in case parking ticket is misplaced by the user.
What are the documents required to take the car if ticket is misplaced? Top
The person is required to show original ID card and have to submit the following information:
  • A photocopy of National ID card
  • Name
  • Father Name
  • Contact no.
  • Address
  • Car registration number
What are the penalties if any property of company is damaged by the user? Top
The driver / person will be penalized by the company after assessing the damage caused due to specific activity / accident.
What is the penalty if car is parked in no parking area? Top
The penalty shall be charged as per the Traffic Rules in the city.
Am I liable to pay parking fee if driver is sitting in the car? Top
In off-street parking everybody has to take ticket irrespective of driver is sitting in the car or not. However, in case of on-street parking stopping of vehicles with drivers may be allowed (without paying) if stopping may not cause any disruption of smooth parking operation and traffic flow.
Who shall the driver complaint to if parking attendant is over charging? Top
The driver can inform the LePARK office with necessary details or may call the police for necessary action
What if user doesn’t take the parking ticket? Top
Strict action will be taken against violators / defaulters.  
Is everyone liable to pay parking fee even if he is government official etc? Top
No vehicle is exempted from paying parking fee either Government, Semi Government, Armed forces or private.
Where should I complaint on misconduct of parking attendant / staff? Top
The users can make a complaint in the office of LePARK through Email / written letter / telephone etc.
Do parking plazas are also operated by LePARK? Top
LePARK is operating almost all the parking plazas in Lahore owned by LDA.  
What are the penalties in case vehicle is parked in wrong manner? Top
Strict action will be taken against violators  
For how long vehicle can be parked in the parking area? Top
Parking in any parking area is allowed for specific operational timings. The user should take his / her vehicle before the closing time of parking stand.