Lahore Parking Company (Lepark) is a Public Limited Company Established under Section 32 of Companies’ Ordinance, 1984. The Company is a Subsidiary of Metropolitan Corporation Lahore and Established in order to solve the existing Parking problems of the City and to improve the existing Parking System. Lepark Conducts all types of Planning and Feasibility Studies in Order to Improve the Traffic Condition and to Provide Better Parking Facilities. The Company has been entrusted the task of Planning, Designing, Operations, Atomization, Maintenance and Regulation of all On-Street and Off-Street Parking Sites under the Jurisdiction of Metropolitan Corporation Lahore.

Mission Statement

Meet the need of all the Transportation means for Parking on the basis of a Positive Understanding of Service Aiming to Ensure a Reliable Parking Management System for the Citizens.


Increase the Existing parking capacity in order to ensure an Effective and Efficient Parking Management System and contribute to the Infrastructure Development of the Urban Transportation with its State of The Art Technology and well Qualified Professional Staff.